#99 – kokomo / the beach boys

the highlight? 2:19. “port au prince, I want to catch a glimpse” – leading into possibly the most transcendent sax solo ever heard on a pop record

#98 – chiquitita / abba

‘you’ll be dancing once again, and the pain will end. you will have no time for grieving’
delicate spanish guitar opens up into a rolling, life-affirming song from abba – just as you’d expect

#97 – i wanna be with you / raspberries

often overlooked and underappreciated, ‘raspberries’ were a short-lived power pop band fronted by eric carmen (think: big hair. HUNGRY EYES. Make Me Lose Control. All By Myself). carmen’s songwriting genius shines especially bright in this 1972 record – with one of the greatest rock and roll intros of all time